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Re: Any suggestions?

At 12:14 AM 12/18/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>Can anyone suggest to me a book, or books, about managing a church or small
>>library? Thanks much.
>I can help with managing a church.  Small libraries are much harder.

I would think that you would want the same kinds of strategies which work
for managing any mid-size or small nonprofit organization. Building your
board of directors, how to run meetings, budgeting, planning programs,
fundraising, etc. There are lots of books on this, but there are also lots
of variations among communities. I would suggest seeing what kind of classes
are available wherever you are, perhaps some of them free or very
inexpensive, on "Managing the Nonprofit Organization." You might ask others
at social service organizations, art organizations, etc., what resources are
available to them locally to help them learn their jobs & do those jobs
well. And a good public library should include, in its business section, a
number of books about running nonprofit organizations. I'd be interested if
any such information is also available on the internet.

Also, if fundraising is a big part of the work at your church or small
library, you might look into The Fundraising School, which is part of the
Indiana University Center for Philanthropy -- but it also functions as a
kind of traveling school which runs week-long classes at various places
around the country. It's absolutely marvelous.

Good luck.

charles alexander

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