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Re: Gocco printer

Linda -

I didn't write the first post about the Gocco printer, but could have.
I'd like more info on Think Ink, if it's not too much trouble...  Do
they carry the Gocco?  Thanks for your help.


Linda N. Meyer wrote:
> First of all, it's a "Gocco" printer.  I have used one for several years to
> duplicate small pieces of calligraphy for cards, etc. and have found that it
> picks up even fine lines quite well.  The one I have limits you to basically
> a postcard size area, but I believe there is a larger size model that will
> let you print a bigger image area.  They are easy to use-- even the first
> time-- and worth investigating.  I order supplies from Think Ink in the state
> of Washington.  Will look up the phone number if you're interested.

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