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Re: Gucco printer?


The Gocco is a great idea for making small (under 200) editions of items
that can be imaged onto a 4" x 6" piece of paper.  There is a version
that makes images twice that size but it is significantly more
expensive.  One person who has done a lot with the Gocco is Ed Hutchins
who is on this list.  He's a great resource.

The best book that I have seen on the Gocco is by Shereen LaPlantz.  Her
address is LaPlantz Studios, P.O. Box 160, Bayside, CA  95524.  Much of
the book was created on the large Gocco and she lists a number of sources
of unique materials that have been developed for the Gocco.

In general, I have found that Pearl has good prices.  Another excellent
source that specializes in Gocco materials is : Think Ink
, 7526 Olympic View Dr., Suite E, Edmonds, WA  98026.  Phones:
800-778-1935; 206-778-1935.

Claire Russell of Think Ink has also been working on a book but, to my
knowledge, it is not yet available.

Finally, the Gocco allows for a tremendous amount of variability
including multiple colors from a single plate and a single impression.
Multiple plates can also be used.  While designed as a toy I know of
increasing numbers of artists and book artists who are using it in their
work.  For me, one advantage is that I can have an idea, expose a plate,
ink it and have an edition of 100 in a little over an hour.

Good luck---R*

On Sat, 21 Dec 1996, Marcia Buch wrote:

> Happy Holidays to everyone!  I've been making one-of-a-kind books and enjoying
> the intimacy. Now I'm interested in expanding ideas, multiplying images, using
> lettering.  I'm not a printmaker or have any interest in getting into it, but
> it's been recommended to me to look into a Gucco printer.  I know they are
> inexpensive and worth a shot for experimenting.  What's your take on it?  Do
> you have any suggestions, experiences with it?  It's a new year and I want to
> branch out!  I'd appreciate any response.  Marcia Buch buch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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