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Re: Gocco printer?

Hi everyone,

About the Gocco printer, for anyone who doesn't know what these machines can
do, the following is from the sales brochure;

        "Everything you need for the entire printing process, from original too
finished product, is included in each set. Choose cut-out illustrations, your
own lettering or other printed materials to create your original designs. A
master of the original will be produced immediately by the flash. Then you can
print, using your favourite colors, in seconds. The seven colors of provided
ink can be fixed freely without staining your hands and 80 to 100 prints can
be made from one ink application."

The print area of the smaller machine is 90mm x 140mm, it weighs 1.3kg, and
runs on two AA size batteries. As best I can tell from the illustrations it
works by some kind of stencilling process, but I could be wrong. I haven't
tried this machine myself, as the sample work I saw looked a bit fuzzy at the
edges, and slightly weak on the blacks, but the blues, reds and greens seemed
fine, and the gold was great. Perhaps those who have tried the Gocco could let
us all know how successful it is? It certainly fills a useful gap in the
market for those of us wanting to do small editions of design work.

Anyone wanting to try it in the UK, there is a distributor;

Ken Duncan,
63e Magdalen Yard Road
Tel/Fax 01382 566164.


Robert Downie. Stoke on Trent. England.

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