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Re: Gucco printer?

Hi Marcia:  About the Gocco printer.. .  the company, Dick Blick Art Materials
has a special in their fall catalog whereby you can get a Gocco kit plus the
videotape which shows best how to use the kit.. ( call 1-800-828-4548 ) for
$89.90.  Claire Russell gets a bit more.  Someone on the net may sell you
second hand.  The bigger unit is high enough in cost to consider investing
in different setup of different equipment.

The Gocco is a simple silk screen kit, low tech.  To the very discerning eye
it may not pass muster, and if you are only doing a few pages it is not
cheap per page as the two needed flash bulbs are $1@  per exposure,  each
screen is $2@ and the ink comes in very small tubes and is quite expensive.
On the plus side, however, the ink does go a long way, if y ou have the
patience you can clean and store the imaged screen for future use.
Sometimes the price
per page for a work of book art is inconsequential!!

Between the instructions sent with the kit, the video, and Shireen
LaPlantz' "Designing and Working with Gocco" ( this book could be refined
some more)
you can get lots of ideas.  I notice that Shireen used a computer and laser
printer for the text in her book and then a copy machine to make the
unlimited edition.   Food for thought.

Nice to see your name again.

Merry Christmas to all.

Lilias at Saltwinds Yankee Barn Workshop

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