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Re: Gocco

Dick Blick often has specials where the printer is only about $79.00 (with
supplies) (their reg. price is $89) and they send orders of that amount with
free S & H. Their replacement supplies are also a good price. They have an
800# which I will dig up if you need it.

One *extra* you might want to consider is a hand-stamping attachment made
for Gocco. If you haven't seen a Gocco machine yet, this won't make a lot of
sense, but the size of the small Gocco printer only allows you to print on
pages that are post card size, as someone already mentioned. To use the
attachment, the screen is produced and inked in the same way but then placed
in the stamper, allowing you to position the image anywhere on any size
paper, as you would with a rubber stamp. The artwork area is still the same
4" x 6" size.

I believe the large Gocco which prints around 6" x 9" is approx. $350.00.
This would pay for itself if a book was printed as an edition and sold out.
However the replacement parts are a bit more expensive as well: $5.00 for
one screen and 4 bulbs required rather than two. Small potatoes compared to
a four-color commercial print process which you couldn't even touch for a
small-run edition.

Incidentally, *Gocco* is a Japanese word for *child's play*, and this really
is a toy intended for children to produce cards and invitations. It is that
simple to use.

Beth in Minneapolis

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