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Re: Wax

Renaissance wax is expensive, but a little goes a long way.  I buy it
from Boookmakers(301-459-3384).  The latest price list I have for them
(1/94) has an 8 oz. jar at $17.70.  I recently noticed that it is also  listed in the Light
Impressions catalog (800-828-6216) for $16.35 (less in quantities of a
dozen jars or more).

It is a "blend of highly refined microcrystalline waxes which, unlike
animal-based waxes, remains neutral.  Developed by conservators at the
British Museum for use on furniture and books, it can be used on any
other solid surface as well (including, wood, onyx, marble, metal, stone,
ivory, etc.).  When dry it leaves a durable surface that resists
scratches.  Frequently used as an after treatment on leathers with "red
rot" which have been consolidated with Klucel G".  (From the Bookmakers

Light Impressions says: "This excellent wax is used by museums and
conservators to remove dirt, and polish wood, leather, plastics, and
marble.  It's acid free, does not discolor, and achieves a lustrous
moisture-proof finish.  Soluble in "white" mineral spirits.  Brochure
included."  If you order from Bookmakers, be certain to ask that they
also include the brochure--it has a lot of useful information.

HELP!!!!!  To confuse things, the Bookmakers catalog also includes (under
threads/sewing tools section) the following:
        Victory Microcrystalline Wax--"A highly refined petroleum-derived
was used by many conservators as an alternative to traditional beeswax
because it is inert, stable, and doesn't stain.  Although other
microcrystalline waxes are available, we buy the Victory brand which is
the original and most pure."
        On the one hand, it would seem surprising that they sell
Ranaissance wax.  However, the Victory wax comes in a 4 oz block implying
solidity compared to Renaissance which is like a very slick paste wax.
Can anyone discuss similarities and differences in these products and
potential uses?

Ho, ho, ho......R*

 On Sun, 22 Dec 1996, Lois & Mark Mittleman wrote:

> To Pat Baldwin (and everybody)
> Where do you purchase Renaissance Wax?  Sounds like I have lots of uses
> for it!
> Yes, your paper castings are outstanding - what nice touches.  You are
> truly gifted.
> Lois

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