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Re: Hands and other etching tools

Robyn - you ask about the cutting edges of plates etched in acid....you will
hear from others no doubt about using an acid resist ( hard ground, wax,
enamel paint, even contact paper) along your beveled edge ( beveled with a
straight edge file or electrical grinder)  However if you want a lethal
lacey edge, try handling your plate with a pair of hand vice grips or, some
have even used a suction cup with stick insert on the back of the plate (
as acid proof as possible).  You can also build a dam around the edge of
your plate with
clay or wax and pour the acid into the area instead of immersion of the whole
plate.  Then there is the famous spit-bite.  See books by Peterdi, or Ruth Leaf.

Keep us informed.

Lilias at Saltwinds Yankee Barn Workshop

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