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Re: Gocco Ink

>Has anyone had experience using other inks with their Gocco printer? Say,
>for instance, Speedball water soluble block printing inks?

Years ago (maybe 1987-88?) Gocco inks came in very few colors, so I tried
Speedball inks with my Gocco. They were runnier than the Gocco inks and did
not give the same crisp print. After drying, the Speedball inks will also
smear with water contact where the Gocco inks will not, being oil-based.

Since then, Gocco has come out with pastels, flourescents, metallics, and
inks formulated specifically for fabric, all available in larger tube sizes.
Before you dismiss the flourescents, Shereen LaPlantz suggests in her book
that you use them for mixing. IMHO the color mixing chart might be the only
reason to buy the spendy booklet.

I also would be interested in hearing from others who may have found inks to
substitiute for Gocco's. Aside from the expense and formerly limited color
range, they still have a tremendously strong *petroleum* odor which I find
annoying, but might really bother others who are more sensitive.


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