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Actually there are a lot more marbling pages on the web than just a few
months ago when I last checked.

        Marble Arts Studio, //junior.apk.net/~marbling
        Oak Knoll has a list of books about marbling:
        Margaret Werderits page, www.grnet.com/waves/arts/marbling.html
        Paola Kathuria has some nice examples of non-traditional marbling,
        Dharma Trading Co, www.dharmatrading.com/more_marbling.html
        Hand Marbling for Quilters, Janet Wickell
        Maiwa Handprints, fabric marbling, www.maiwa.com/Maiwacat37.html

I also found one with information so bogus I wouldn't want to even mention
their name in connection with the art of marbling! Gotta keep up the
standards y'know.


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