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There are several books published concerning GOCCO printers in the latest
edition of the John Neal Bookseller catalog.  All info and prices below
are from that catalog.

John Neal Bookseller
1833 Spring Garden Street
Greensboro, NC  27403

order number 800/369-9598
fax 910-272-9015
e-mail JNealBooks@xxxxxxx

*Designing and Working with Gocco*  (previously mentioned)
Shereen LaPlanz
1996, 36 pp of text, 14 example pages

*The Gocco Q & A Handbook*
Joan B. Machinchick
1995, 67 pp 8.5x5.5 spiral

Gocco Printing A-Z: Paper & Other Media
J.J. Lawlis
1996, 98 pp 4.25x5.5 paper

Gocco Printing A-Z: Fabric Printing
J.J. Lawlis
1996, 36 pp sprial

The New Gocco Guide
Claire Russell
1996, 200 pp, 6x9 paper
over 100 illustrations
(listed as available December 1996 or January 1997)

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