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Re: Hands and other etching tools

On Sat, 28 Dec 1996, Robyn Sassen wrote:

> I am a printmaker who indulges in the alchemy to be gained when acid
> meets plates for extensive periods.  The problem that this incurs is
> that the edges developed out of these wonderful almost Proustian
> things are lethal.  In fact, I am at the moment nursing a very
> mutilated paw from simply wiping a plate.  Is there any solution to
> this, or can I anticipate my hands developing the texture and surface
> of an animals paws in the not-too-distant future?
> Robyn
> mephisto@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Reserve all your bare hand wiping for the end of your wiping and
substitute taffata cloth for the bulk of it.  Wipe with 3 progressively
cleaner tarlatans, wipe with taffata wrapped around a tarlatan ball and
hand wipe very selectively with a "paw" dusted with talc.  For greasier
look wipe again with a very saturated tarlatan.  A clean wipe can be had
with phonebook paper but it takes much more time and has a similar look to
tafata.  Let your plate rip up the tafata instead of you hands.



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