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Re: Bookbinding Leather Suppliers

On Tues 31 Dec 1996, hendrix@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>Well, there's always Tandy Leather and its myriad outlets. I am new to
>bookbinding and bought one of their $3.99-sq-ft "senior calf" skins to
>practice with. That's got to be preferable to making errors on the
>$18-sq-foot stuff.

Ouch! Even $3.99/sq. foot seems like a lot to me, but I think I'm in the
habit of buying "junk" so maybe that's why ;-) I make one-of-a-kind
leather-bound journals and since I'm heavily influenced by
19th-century/early 20th c. travel diaries and such, I purposely like my
books to look a bit distressed and worse-for-the-wear... so I am just
tickled pink to root through the "scrap" heaps at Berman leather's outlet
(here in Boston), where a great variety of really wonderful (albeit
not-easily-found-again) stuff lurks, for $3.99/POUND. I also get some of my
best finds, especially some beautifully-marked deer or goat skins, and
wonderful chamois, in the scrap heap at a place called the Oakdale Trading
Post in Oakdale California -- cheap, cheap, cheap!!

You can get Berman's mail order catalog by writing them at Berman
Leathercraft, 25 Melcher Street, Boston MA 02210-1599 or calling them at

>I would like to hear thoughts of others on the less expensive leathers
>such as Tandy's.

On the leather subject, can anyone recommend books or other resources (web,
etc) on leather in general? I only know what I'm buying from asking at the
shops I buy from, but I'd be interested to have some reference on the
different types of leather (which animals, etc), as well as an overview of
the tanning process, how skins/hides are dyed, etc...

And finally, this is *so* overdue, but I want to thank everyone who
responded, months ago, to my query about loose-leaf ring-binder setups.
Right after I posted I got the flu, then my hard drive went kaplooey and I
never got around to thanking Mr. Minsky and a few others for their replies,
which I did appreciate!



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