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Everyone, I've enjoyed reading all the exchanges over the past few months
and am finally posting one.
  Hope you'll check out my continually-being-revised web site which has
exhibits both of my work (bookworks and community projects) and of my
students from the Computer Arts class I teach at the University of New
Mexico.There are lots of links, too, including book-related. (Info below.)
  I'll be back east in my old stomping grounds til Jan. 16, and will
look forward to checking back in here after that. Hope you're all
enjoying the holiday break! A full and joyful 1997 to all.

--Janet Maher

""" - """ - """ - """ - """ - """ - """ - """ - """ - """ - """ - """ - """

        "What we need is a better understanding of synchronicity
      and the time to play with it."

Janet Maher, P.O. Box 4926, Albuquerque, NM  87196
<office> F/ 9 - 10:30am 505/277-4334
<www> http://www.unm.edu/~arcilla/jmar_index.html
<email> arcilla@xxxxxxx

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