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Re: Bookbinding Leather Suppliers

For calf, I highly recommend M. Siegel Co. They have offices in
Massachusetts and California. Their selection of colors for
bookbinding-grade calf is not great, but they have the best prices; less
than half the price of Hewits bookcalf from Bookbinder's Warehouse (no
offense intended to BW). The CA info is

Siegel of California
3527 Madera St.
P.O. Box 595
Santa Ynez, CA 93460

The best goat is from Russell's in England. Unfortunately, Russell's told
me several months ago that they can no longer get Nigerian goat (which is
wonderful in every way) because of civil war there. Now their goatskin is
from India, and is not as nice. But still. Their address is

Great North Road
Wyboston, Bedfordshire MK44 3AB
telephone (1480)405464

There are lots of importers from Russell's goat in the US, but hey, why not
go to the source?


Steven D. Hales
Assistant Professor                      email: hales@xxxxxxxxxx
Department of Philosophy                 phone: (717) 389-4229
Bloomsburg University                    fax: (717) 389-2094
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 17815

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