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Re: Rice paper

You could also get Tyvek (envelopes work fine), cut it into narrow strips,
they don't have to be very wide, just wide enough to accommodate the stab
sewing. You can adhere them to the "rice" paper with PVA. This should give
you more than enough strength.


At 12:14 PM 1/2/97 -0500, you wrote:
>One solution would be to place each sheet on a piece of wax paper and
>coat it with acrylic gloss medium, then, when that dries turn the page
>over and coar the other side.  If you don't like the glossiness, you
>might try a scrap piece of paper and use matte medium.  Godd luck.
>On Wed, 1 Jan 1997, Robyn Sassen wrote:
>> Dear Learned Bookarts People
>> I have recently made a recipe book of rice paper, which I have bound
>> with a stab binding.  Even more recently, the rice paper, because of
>> its vulnerability, has started to tear and fall apart around the
>> apertures caused by the binding.  Is there any way that I can mend
>> this problem, or will I have to reprint the text on a more sturdy
>> paper?
>> Thanks
>> Robyn Sassen
>> mephisto@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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