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Re: Bookbinding Leather Suppliers

Peter brings up vegetable v. chrome tanning and Rick mentions acidity
as possible problems with cheap leather.
   The Tandy "senior calf" I bought to learn on is vegetable tanned and
no thicker than the Harmitan Nigerian goat I got from a book supplier.
As to what Tandy calls "book leather," it looks just like what Peter
described as spray painting a split to disguise the defects.
   I pH tested both Tandy's calf and Harmitan's goat by mixing scrapings
from each skin into pH neutral water. After some time I tested the water
with ColorpHast pH indicator strips. Both came up very acid. The tests
were neither controlled nor identical so I cannot say one is more acid
than the other -- only that Tandy's "senior calf" and Harmitan's
Nigerian goat >>appear<< to be in the same acidity league.
   The original question was, who supplies leather. Goat is certainly
more workable and attractive than calf. Does anyone know a supplier of
reasonably priced goat -- say under $5 a foot?
   -- Lester

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