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Dear Friends......Hello, I have just joined the list. I am new to the
internet, so this may be a little mixed up (that is if it arrives at all!)
Peter Verheyen advised that I should write a note introducing myself.
        My name is Iris Nevins, I have been marbling for 19 years, and
supply traditional styled papers and more recently, marbling supplies,
colors, tools etc.
        I write the Marbling News column for the Guild Of Bookworkers, and
in the past have written for Ink & Gall and Marbling Bath regularly. I also
have written four How-To guides to marbling, as well as publishing a
reprint of Nicholson's Manual of the Art of Bookbinding (no longer
        I have taught marbling for many years and would be happy to offer
any marbling advice to anyone as needed. Even after nearly two decades of
marbling, there is still a lot to learn..........as any of you who have
marbled know.......it has a terrible habit of humbling you. But if I can
advise anyone on what I do already know, perhaps you can benefit from my
prior mistakes and mishaps........there have been a LOT of them!
        If anyone is interested, my webpage can be found at:


        At this point, due to too many responsibilities, I plan to sign on
maybe only one or twice a week, so I may be a little slower than most in
answering e-mail. It was a pleasure to already find a few familiar names on
the internet.
        If any of you have any interesting marbling news, or are doing
anything unusual with marbling, or are teaching, please to let me know and
we will spread the word around.

e-mail direct to: 105507,3271@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

                                Happy New Year!......Iris

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