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Re: marbling

Iris Nevins wrote:
> Dear Friends......Hello, I have just joined the list. I am new to the
> internet, so this may be a little mixed up (that is if it arrives at all!)
> Peter Verheyen advised that I should write a note introducing myself.
>         My name is Iris Nevins, I have been marbling for 19 years, and
> supply traditional styled papers and more recently, marbling supplies,
> colors, tools etc.
>         I write the Marbling News column for the Guild Of Bookworkers, and
> in the past have written for Ink & Gall and Marbling Bath regularly. I also
> have written four How-To guides to marbling, as well as publishing a
> reprint of Nicholson's Manual of the Art of Bookbinding (no longer
> available).
>         I have taught marbling for many years and would be happy to offer
> any marbling advice to anyone as needed. Even after nearly two decades of
> marbling, there is still a lot to learn..........as any of you who have
> marbled know.......it has a terrible habit of humbling you. But if I can
> advise anyone on what I do already know, perhaps you can benefit from my
> prior mistakes and mishaps........there have been a LOT of them!
>         If anyone is interested, my webpage can be found at:
> http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/irisnevins
>         At this point, due to too many responsibilities, I plan to sign on
> maybe only one or twice a week, so I may be a little slower than most in
> answering e-mail. It was a pleasure to already find a few familiar names on
> the internet.
>         If any of you have any interesting marbling news, or are doing
> anything unusual with marbling, or are teaching, please to let me know and
> we will spread the word around.
> e-mail direct to: 105507,3271@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>                                 Happy New Year!......Iris
Hi Iris,

Welcome to cyberspsce!

I would have sent this message to your addresse but was not able to
through your page. Must be a glitch in your address at your site

Denis Gouey

Denis Gouey Bookbinding Studio
PO Box 383 Norfolk CT, 06058

860 542 5063


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