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Hello All!
I have learned so much from this list! Thanks to all who contribute!
Unfortunately, I still don't know enough to make any useful contribution
of my own.  Unless, of course, you're interested in the mess-making
profession. I have a great deal of expertise in mess-making and I'd be
more than happy to share my knowledge.
For example, I have been quarter binding books, using bookcloth (thanks
to a very good friend on the list) for the spine, and coated inkjet
paper for the front. The coated paper prints beautifully, but it is very
difficult to work with and the ink runs with the slightest bit of
moisture. Spraying with a fixative helps, but I know there has to be a
better way. What type of paper should be used for the front of quarter
bound books?
Next, since there has been so much discussion about leather lately, how
much damage will the acidic leather do if everything else is acid-free?
Will the acid go through the binder board and end papers and destroy the
text block or will the leather simply decompose itself and leave
everything else intact?
Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Bah Bye!

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