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Re: Rice paper

Cory -

I've had the same problem with acrylic medium-coated pages sticking to
each other.  I haven't tried this yet but have been thinking that a
thin coat of paste was on the coated pages might keep them from
sticking...  Anyone else have any ideas?


Cassandra Moseley (GD 1997) wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Jan 1997, R Starr wrote:
> > One solution would be to place each sheet on a piece of wax paper and
> > coat it with acrylic gloss medium, then, when that dries turn the page
> > over and coar the other side.  If you don't like the glossiness, you
> > might try a scrap piece of paper and use matte medium.  Godd luck.
> >
> > R*
> A problem I have had with this is pages that stuck together and tore
> upon opening if the book had slept closed on the shelf for any length of
> time; am I doing it wrong? Using the wrong stuff? The plastic-y surface
> didn't feel particularly tacky to my fingers, but two sheets coated with
> it face-to-face had a definite affinity for each other.
> Cory (not Cassandra as listed in address above)

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