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Re: 15th century manuscripts

  Dr. Roberts has an interesting assignment.  If the letters are supposed
to be from a person of "quality" I would suggest Gutenberg paper.  Last
time I checked it was 4 or 5 dollars a sheet (31"x41"), but there are
a lot of good handmade papers by Twinrocker or Dieu Donne or JB Green one
could use.  The aging bit is more the question.  If the "letters" were
folded and protected, say in a book, the paper would not discolor.  We
have early printed books in our collection with glorious bright paper.  The
edges discolor due to air pollution and dirt, but not the protected page
surfaces.  I'd say some grimey fingerprints and deep creases should do it.

Dorothy C. Africa
bookbinder, Harvard Law School Library

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