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Re: paper

In answer to what damage the acid leather will do, I'd be happy to show
you some examples if you ever get to Charleston.   The leather turn-ins
come in contact with the paper and I regularly see books in which the
turn-in has *burned* the end sheets, title page and several further
interior pages of a book depending on how long the contact has taken
place.  I'm sure there are great variables in damage depending on the
storage environment, the damage is definitely there.   I have not done any
study on how long it takes for the damage to occur either.  Anyone got any
study results?

Jane Brown
Waring Historical Library
Charleston, SC

On Thu, 2 Jan 1997, gmcneese wrote:

> Hello All!
> I have learned so much from this list! Thanks to all who contribute!
> Unfortunately, I still don't know enough to make any useful contribution
> of my own.  Unless, of course, you're interested in the mess-making
> profession. I have a great deal of expertise in mess-making and I'd be
> more than happy to share my knowledge.
> For example, I have been quarter binding books, using bookcloth (thanks
> to a very good friend on the list) for the spine, and coated inkjet
> paper for the front. The coated paper prints beautifully, but it is very
> difficult to work with and the ink runs with the slightest bit of
> moisture. Spraying with a fixative helps, but I know there has to be a
> better way. What type of paper should be used for the front of quarter
> bound books?
> Next, since there has been so much discussion about leather lately, how
> much damage will the acidic leather do if everything else is acid-free?
> Will the acid go through the binder board and end papers and destroy the
> text block or will the leather simply decompose itself and leave
> everything else intact?
> Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
> Bah Bye!
> Georgie

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