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Re: Rice paper

It's been a minor irritation over the years to hear students call a wide
range of versatile fine papers "rice paper".  I prefer to call them
Japanese Paper if there is no clear reference (or Chinese, or Korean).
Yes, the real rice paper is not paper, by Dard Hunter's definition, made
of criss=crossed stalks of rice.  Most oriental papers are made from
Gampi, Mitsumata, or Kozo fibers (all the inner white bark of these small
trees that is boiled in soda ash and cleaned of the dark bark - usually)

I think that the term rice paper may be a "hanger-on" from World War II
or before, where everything from Japan was derrogatorily referred
to...the country of rice.

On Fri, 3 Jan 1997, Indigo Som wrote:

> btw, "rice paper" isn't really rice paper. real rice paper is the
> dissolve-in-your-mouth stuff that comes wrapped around jelly candies (& other
> kinds of sweets). the vast majority of thin, translucent, strong asian papers
> commonly referred to as "rice paper" do not contain any rice at all. usually
> they are made from mulberry, hemp, &c. &c. (maybe some of the papermakers on
> this list can elaborate).
> Indigo Som
> bitchy buddha press

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