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Re: Acrylic Pages

Dear book friends,

On Jan 2 Carol wrote:

>I've had the same problem with acrylic medium-coated pages sticking to
>each other.  I haven't tried this yet but have been thinking that a
>thin coat of paste was on the coated pages might keep them from
>sticking...  Anyone else have any ideas?


in reponse to the discussion of acrylic on interior pages, I have been using
acrylic for quite some time on my pages and it can be a problem, especially in
the summer, when the weather gets quite humid. I use matte acrylic, almost but
not always, and I thin the paint quite a bit and build up the layers slowly. If
sticking is a problem I, put a thin coat of renaissance wax (available at most
bookbinding supply outlets) and this helps tremendously. I really like using
acrylic, because it gives a harder surface one that doesn't seem to wear as
easily and  facing pages don't seem to get marked up when the books are closed.
I have had that problem when I used gouche or tempera. I have used slip sheets
on occasion, but I find that really cumbersome when view and handling the book.


Mimi Schaer

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