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curled 1876 document

Hi all!  My uncle has a family document- a bill of sale- written on lined
paper- dated 1876.  There are 16 sheets about 10 inches long.  It has been
rolled with two curled, curved folds ( not creased or damaged).  I want to bind
the document but I have two questions:
1.  How can I flatten the paper without damaging it and so that it will lay
flat eventually by itself between two covers?
2.  The first sheet is two inches longer than the rest.  Would it be advised to
add some type of paper to the shorter pieces to have all of the papers be the
same length?  (The first sheet is the terms of the sale, the other sheets are
the specific items.)
Thank you for any suggections or ideas in regards to helping me with this
problem!  Marcia  buch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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