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Re: Rice paper

1) I'm happy (sorry) to say that I have not had the problem of acrylic
medium coated pages sticking together.  There may be different
formulations made by different companies.  I have used Golden brand.  The
Rennaissance wax idea seems to be a good one.  You might also want to try
Crystal (sp?) Clear spray although it is toxic and you should use a hood
or a respirator rated for organic chemicals.

2) I'm aware of the confusion about rice paper.  Quite often I have seen
it used to describe the lacy, Japanese "rain" papers.

3) I echo the appreciation of the leather inquirer.  As a fellow amature
I appreciate all of the expertise given to us by all of the pros on this
list.  It really helps make my world a better if not a more archival place.


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