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Re: 15th century manuscripts

Dr. Brian Roberts writes:

>>I have been commissioned to reproduce some 15th century letters for TV use.
>The script does not need to look authentic but the paper should. Has anyone
>a good source where samples of this sort of thing might be available or have
>tips ofr the severe aging of paper to re-create such letters which are 500
>years old.
>Dr. Brian A. Roberts
>Memorial University of Newfoundland

Another fine papermill, and a Canadian one, is 'La Papeterie St. Armand'
in Montreal.  The director is Mr. David Corruthers, and the phone number
is 514-931-8338.

Of course, there is the possibility that 15th century letters could be written
on parchment/vellum, in which case, you can contact me at cav@xxxxxxxx, and
visit my web site at http://www.niagara.com/~acavasin/rick/rcav.html

Cheers, Rick

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