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Re: query (inks)

On Thu, 26 Dec 1996, Harmon Seaver wrote:

> Rupert N. Evans wrote:
> > The print shops I worked in used 50% lead-free gasoline mixed with 50%
> > kerosene. Store both the solvent and damp rags in metal containers which are
>      That's pretty toxic, both to breathe and get on your skin. Gasoline
> in particular penetrates skin extremely well.>
I know this sounds simplistic, but use regular old salad oil to clean up
oil based inks.  Then a little light ammonia and water solution with
whiting to get off the residue. I didn't believe it would work either!
There are several really good sources on
the Web for non-toxic printmaking techniques:
Http://duke.usask.ca/~semenoff is one and the otheris called
_________Howards non-toxic printmaking page, I don't have the URL right
at hand now but I
found these through a search.  Some extremely enlightening info.


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