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Re: The Quality/Leather Thread (again)

At 8:19 1/4/97, Rick Cavasin wrote:
>Bonnie writes:

>Quality does not necessarily equate with 'preciousness'.  From my admittedly
>limited reading on book structures and materials, I get the impression that
>one of the main considerations in conservation is STRENGTH of materials under
>normal use.  Conservators are not simply concerned in preserving materials
>under static conditions.

I wasn't trying to imply that at all; I included the quote to illustrate my
feeling that _my own_ primary concern in making blank journals is that they
be affordable and invite use. In the case of journals, I am *not* more
concerned with the book itself than with a person's _process of using it_.

My apologies to those who are sick of this thread -- it's strayed quite a
bit off its orginial points!


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