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Re: Tandy Leather Thread

Dear all,
I've been trying to get to this thread for days.  First of all, as a
book artist originally trained in the 'classical' tradition, I try to
use the highest quality of materials, but there are so many new
materials out there to work with, so I try to find out as much as I can
as I use them (do a lot of expermenting around here).  This runs into
another earlier thread that I did not reply to, so I'll get onto the
leather thread going back to Tandy leather.
I went to the GBW Seminar in Pasadena, and Jan Sabota did a workshop on
Cuir-Cisele (cut leather).  Much to my surprise, he uses Tandy leather
and Tandy tools exclusively for this technique that dates back to the
5th century.  His bindings are very beautiful and I have been trying to
gather the courage to walk thru the Tandy aisles in order to play
around with it (although I have no problem hanging out at the shoe
makers leather warehouse).  Has anyone used this technique on other
leathers?  And I quess I'm still stuck with buying Tandy tools?
Belated Happy New Year to all,
Charlene Matthews

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