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Re: Rice paper

Well yes.  It is the real rice paper that I am working with - the
edible type.  That is probably why I am encountering so many
problems.  It becomes chewing gum when exposed to anything vaguely
damp and hence a little difficult, to say the least.  I used it as an
experiment for a book of recipes that I am making, but it seems I
should proceed to plan B...

Thanks for all your advice, in any event.


> btw, "rice paper" isn't really rice paper. real rice paper is the
> dissolve-in-your-mouth stuff that comes wrapped around jelly candies (& other
> kinds of sweets). the vast majority of thin, translucent, strong asian papers
> commonly referred to as "rice paper" do not contain any rice at all. usually
> they are made from mulberry, hemp, &c. &c. (maybe some of the papermakers on
> this list can elaborate).
> Indigo Som
> bitchy buddha press

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