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Re: attaching files

I know you have been getting lots of answers and advice on this I
won't pretend to give you a through treatise on the subject and I may
tell you more than you want to know.

The problem is that binary files are stored in multiples of 8 bits (16
32 etc system dependant). But, the internet only sends 7 bits! Ascii
can be sent in 7 bits, the staple of the internet. Binary files to be
sent have to be identified, translated from 8bits to 7 bits, sent and
then retranslated at the other end. To that end special mail software
has been developed that does that automatically (called mime
compliant). E-Mail programs such as Eudora Pro and Agent 99 and
Netscape 3.0 mail will do it and one of them has to be used at both
ends. Agent 99 also will handle it in news groups. There are other
more bothersome ways to send binary files. In the case of a mail list,
the mail list server has to be cooperate also in the process.

=46or those who have mime compliant E-Mail software you should be able
to send your catalog via E-Mail directly as a MS Word document
(provided they have MS Word at the other end also.) But, you need a
compliant E-mailer also. Other than that you need to do what Peter V.
indicates. Send it as text. Sorry to bore you with the details.

On Sat, 4 Jan 1997 17:33:44 -0500, you wrote:

>Hi.....thanks to all who have welcomed me to the list! I've had quite a =
>catalog requests, and tried to e-mail them by attaching a file, but it
>doesn't get through. I have it in Word For Windows and it says it's a
>binary file. Tried to change it to "text"but it jumps back to binary, =
and I
>get a message saying it can't be sent. Any ideas out there for a =
>beginner?????Thanks, Iris Nevins

Dave Walkden    dwalkden@xxxxxxxx

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