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Re: attaching files

Because of all the different systems/software being used out there I
SERIOUSLY discourage people starting to send binary files to list. Not
everyone will be able to handle them, and I certainly don't want to wait for
them to download only to find they can't be read... The easiest is most
likely including it in the body of the message. There are some other lists
I'm on and every once in a while people send something as an attachment that
I can't read and it bugs me. Let's NOT get into that one.

If you want to send files to someone specific, such as a catalog request,
send them to that individual directly and make sure they can handle it.


At 07:23 PM 1/5/97 GMT, you wrote:
>  Does your list server allow mime compliant E-mail software such as
>Eudora Pro or Agent 99 to send and receive binary files through the
>Book Arts mail list?
>Dave Walkden    dwalkden@xxxxxxxx

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