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Re: marbling

Well, as far as I know, Hikmet Bey has never gotten e-mail.

As far as I'm concerned- I probably won't go.  I can't afford it.  I've been
to Istanbul 5 times- and the last 2 of which I spent 10 weeks in Istanbul
chasing Marblers, binders, illuminators, calligraphers and other book
artists, as well as visiting collections.

This gathering may be interesting for those who are unfamiliar with Turkey
and ebru, and wish to get a genral taste of things.  For myself though, what
hikmet has planned is just not my cup of tea....   Also because of Hikmet's
political standing among marblers in Istanbul (he's an ARTIST, not a
traditionalist- and a rather lengthy tale lies behind all this), certain
people from istanbul may not go either, I can think of a regarded historian,
an important collector, and a student of the late master marbler Mustafa
Duzgunman (whom Hikmet never studied with), to name a few....

Not that being an artist isn't a great thing- I just feel as though if I were
to go all that way, I'd like to have access to a fair ammount of historical
examples, and clear and objective scholars discussing subjects such as the
early history of ebru based on datable material (the focus of my research-
which often challenges some of the established views here as well as in
Turkey), discussing the relationship between Iran, Central Asia, India and
Ottoman Turkey, and the subsequent spread of the craft in Europe.  That would
be preferable to the rather new-agey presentations such as the spiritual
healing power of marbling that Hikmet offers.  Been there, done that!

I'm not saying that Hikmet isn't  a nice fellow- he's been very helpful to me
in different ways, but when I speak some Turkish- why take the tour bus?

Besides, the late, great Chris Weimann's research has sat untouched since his
passing- an enormous collection of notebooks and slides.  I may very well
indeed be going to LA to do research there while everyone jets to Istanbul.

Jake Benson

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