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Open-Flat Binding Methods

Hello Group - here's a new topic!

Some friends and I are working on a homebrew prayerbook.  The first
edition was bound with plastic comb binding, because it's cheap if someone
has the machine and it opens flat and is reasonably durable.  But it's not
so cheap if you pay regular commercial rates, and not particularly
attractive. The book is too thick for saddle-stitching and we're not
looking to hand-bind.

Does anyone have a better (more aesthetic, cheaper, or both) method?  I
like metal spiral better than comb, for instance - does anyone know
anything about the metal spiral advertised in Paper Direct's catalog (not
clear whether this is really spiral or metal comb-style)? Does anyone DO
an appropriate kind of bindery work and wish to bid?  We'll take print
bids, too - it's likely to be a moderate-sized run (between a few hundred
and a thousand), and the page size is 8.5x7, decent bond paper but nothing
fancy, with cover-stock covers.


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