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"homebrew" prayer book

Since several people asked what I mean about a "homebrew" prayer book, let
me explicate.  A small group of Internetters from the National Havurah
Community has done our own version of the Friday night prayerbook, with
columns in Hebrew, English transliteration, our own more-or-less-straight
English translations, and interpretive translations of varying degrees of

Since many people probably don't know, havurot (pl of havurah) are Jewish
religious communities, usually without a rabbi but sometimes affiliated
with a regular synagogue, which worship together and form closer ties than
sometimes happens in large congregations. The name means roughly
"fellowships."  They've been a major seedbed of liturgical innovation and
development of lay leadership in contemporary North American Judaism for
the past 15 years or so, although this particular prayerbook is fairly
traditional in structure and the implications for ritual practice.

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