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Re: Ink & Gall info?

well, I talked to Mimi Schleicher sunday, and no one she's spoken with has
heard a thing- Don Guyot, Phoebe Easton.  Iris and I e-mailed about it.  I
tried calling a couple times, left messages- never returned the call.  Also,
we don't know quite what's up with Carl Weiss and Marbling Bath either.

  So... I wonder what'll happen next?

I think that both Ink & Gall and Marbling Bath worked very hard, but it's
really difficult.  I wish that we had something along the lines of the GBW
for marbling- an occaisional newsletter with an annual journal of 1-4
articles.  I don't have that kind of time, but can certainly generate
articles (the new computer arrived yesterday!), and I hope to make a
long-time dream come true of creating proper Turkish letters for the purpose.

Jake Benson

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