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To One and All:

I have an apprentice who's been with me for a year. She is ready to move on
and is looking for a paid position in a small commercial bindery or library.
        Ilana is 27 and the BEST apprentice I've had in the 12 years of my
Pequeno Press Apprenticeship program. She's an eager learner and a
METICULOUS worker with an attention to detail that blows me away! With the
bookbinding and papermaking experience she's learned with me, I think she'll
be dynamite wherever she works.

If anyone has any suggestions of where it would be best for her to apply,
please let me know and we'll put together her impressive resume and send it out.

Many thanks,


Pat Baldwin                                    @
Waterleaf Mill & Bindery
http://www.primenet.com/~patbooks/             @
Pequeno Press
Waterleaf Web Design                           @
Starcatcher Inc. //www.primenet.com/~patbooks/starcatcher.html  @
P.O.Box 1711, Bisbee AZ 85603
"To err is human; to really screw up
requires a computer!"                          @


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