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Re: sources for/experiences with scroll paper


In a message dated 97-01-09 22:11:28 EST, you write:

<< i have a book project that has potential as a scroll; 8 to 12 inches
 wide and i'd guess at least 10 feet long.  i'd rather not paste together
 panels--does anyone know of sources/types of paper (better quality than
 buthcher paper) available in roll?  or any other words of experienced
 wisdom on publishing in scroll format?  much appreciated

Get the Daniel Smith catalog, 1-800-426-6740.  Besides having rolls of paper,
they have *lots* of information about the papers -- weight, acidity, content,
usefulness for various purposes (including charts of each paper's usefulness
for the different printmaking techniques), description of
surface/tooth/texture.  And they have sample packs.  They have the following:

Drawing & Framing Paper (250 gms/sq. m in weight), 60" x 20 yards and 80" x
20 yards, about $120 per roll. 100% cotton, acid free, buffered.

Rising Stonehenge (245 gms/sq. m), 50" x 10 yards for 51.60

Strathmore 400 Drawing Paper, 36" x 10 yards for $12.70, 42" x 10 yards for

Chiri (36 gms/sq. m), 38" x 10 yards for $84.15 -- from kozo, buff,
translucent sheet with small bark particles.

Kinwashi, (30 gms/sq. m), 38" x 10 yards for $81.95; translucent, acid-free,
from manila fibers

Masa, 42" x 30 yards for $86.35; used as an inexpensive sumi, printmaking,
marbling and fine letterpress paper.

And there are more . . .

Hope this helps.

Beth Lee

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