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Re: sources for/experiences with scroll paper

On Fri, 10 Jan 1997, I am not Kevin wrote:

> robert drake wrote:
> >
> > folks--
> >
> > i have a book project that has potential as a scroll; 8 to 12 inches
> > wide and i'd guess at least 10 feet long.  i'd rather not paste together
> > panels--does anyone know of sources/types of paper (better quality than
> > buthcher paper) available in roll?  or any other words of experienced
> > wisdom on publishing in scroll format?  much appreciated
> >
> > sincere
> > luigi-bob drake
> > Burning Press
> > au462@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> I don't know about the archival quality, but would either vellum or
> mylar, the type used by architects/engineers/draftsmen, work?  When I
> was in architect school we used to buy it in rolls of up to something
> like 6 yards long, in widths varying from about 12" up to 48", maybe
> wider.
> angi.

Good morining folks,

The request for enlightenment did not include any details about the
process or processes that might be employed in the production of this
scroll so it is hard to suggest specific papers or production techniques.

Several have made solid selections of good papers that happen to come in
rolls but it would help us all very much if we knew if the scroll is to
be collaged, printed, drawn or otherwise assembled.  Is the paper to be
tissue paper or rag printmakers paper or something in between?

Not knowing any details I will suggest two extremes.  The largest width
roll of rag paper that I have found is Lenox 100 which comes in a roll 80
inches wide and 20 yrds long.  I have two in my studio and I think of
them as rolls of carpeting due to their size and girth.  It is the same
as Lenox sheets which also comes the sheets, the largest being 38 by 50
inches. Both versions of Lenox are heavy weight(300g/m2).  A large sheet
might work for you.  How long is the scroll to be?

There are several thin Rag drafting papers that I have used, such as
K & E (Germany) Albanene which was the industry standard before plastic
drafting films became popular. It comes in several widths and rolls up
to 100 yards. It is very white for a tracing paper and does not look
oiled like some.  For a thinner ground-glass look Calson, (France) makes
a very different looking rag drafting paper called Vadillon which Dan
Smith in Seatle sells.  I have printed on both with oil-based inks but I
would not use any water-based media or pastes (this stuff will wrinkle
like vellum) Each paper is sized for line drawing with drafting ink like
Higgins Black Magic which will not cause wrinkles but will slow down the
drying of printer's inks.  Use oil with a drier and no rubber based
printer's inks.

Other rag papers in a roll may differ greatly from there sheet
counterparts.  Rives BFK (France) is made in large rolls and is unsized
and could proved a problem when printing or may bleed when drawn upon
with aquamedia.

I would like to make a request of all the folks on this list if I may.
Please don't take offense:

Although it is great fun to read the responses of such open-end questions
found on listservs...It would be much more productive if everyone would
give as much detail about their projects as they can when asking for help.

I know many things are still undecided but the above scroll request is
typically vague.  Don't worry about whether the list will understand the
experts terms you may employ...someone will know what you are talking about.

Please ask for exactly what you need whenever you can.  Give as much
detail as you can.  Always tell us sizes, ammounts, brand names or any
other specific background that may be part of your request.

We all spend a lot of personal time helping each other, which is why I am
here.  I better formed question will provde better, more complete answers.
It will also help us help others by not wasting time telling you what you
may already know.

Thanks for listening and good luck with your project.


     M I C H A E L   M O R I N                M.F.A., M.L.S.

Director Celtic Press               Instructional Media Librarian
  Buffalo  New York                  D'Youville College Library
         Co-Moderator Buffalo Free-Net Preservation SIG
    Member Buffalo Free-Net Information Development Committee

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