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Re: sources for/experiences with scroll paper


sorry if you felt i was "fishing", or otherwise wasting bandwidth
with my query...  th fact is, my post contained all the information
i had at the time.  i recently received a poetry manuscript (from
a fellow Buffaloian, as it happens), and it struck from the form of
the work that a scroll publication might be an appropriate vehicle.
obviously, such a project has a variety ov technical problems to take
into consideration... paper availablity was the one i chose to focus
on first.  the information i've received so far (& thanx to all!) has
been useful to me, as each piece of info & subsequent choices helps
narrow & define my subsquent design & production options.  that
progressive interaction between the requirements of the "content" and
the technical limitations of the "form" (and i'm not at all suggesting
that those two aspects are seperable) is, for me, one of the most
challenging and rewarding aspects of book design & production.  i
admitedly did invite more generalized discussion of techniques folks
have used in producing scrolls--feeling that, at this stage, i might
not know which questions to ask, and trusting that someone on th list
might have experience that i could benefit from.

when request are too overly-broad or novice, it is generally the case
that resource exist (FAQs, websites, books) which would be helpful--
if that is the case here, i'll look forward to any references or URLs
that will help point me in the right direction.  in the mean-while,
perhaps folks who have additional information for me will be kind
enough to back-channel me personally, so as not to burden the list.

luigi-bob drake
burning press

>I would like to make a request of all the folks on this list if I may.
>Please don't take offense:
>Although it is great fun to read the responses of such open-end questions
>found on listservs...It would be much more productive if everyone would
>give as much detail about their projects as they can when asking for help.
>I know many things are still undecided but the above scroll request is
>typically vague.  Don't worry about whether the list will understand the
>experts terms you may employ...someone will know what you are talking about.
>Please ask for exactly what you need whenever you can.  Give as much
>detail as you can.  Always tell us sizes, ammounts, brand names or any
>other specific background that may be part of your request.
>We all spend a lot of personal time helping each other, which is why I am
>here.  I better formed question will provde better, more complete answers.
>It will also help us help others by not wasting time telling you what you
>may already know.
>Thanks for listening and good luck with your project.

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