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Re: sources for roll paper

Hi all,

In your search for roll paper from commercial printers, it may help if you
know a bit of the lexicon of roll paper .. so, from a former business-forms
printer .. here goes:

BUTT ROLLS = The small rolls of paper left at the end of a run.  All
printers are VERY happy to rid themselves of them.  The smallest butts are
(or were 10 years ago) thrown away.  Those are what you'll probably be
offered, but they can have up to about 1" thickness of paper remaining on
the core -- many yards.  I imagine most are recycled now (I hope)??

CORE = The thick-walled paper tube on which roll-paper is wound.  It's a
standard 3" I.D., to fit on all roll presses.

PLUGS = Removeable shipping 'plug' inserted into each end of the core to
help prevent the core being smashed in transit.  It would be worthwhile
asking for a couple of these too, since they have an approx. 1" hole in
their center .. just right for a butcher paper holder.  They may be wooden,
metal or plastic.

In the 'old days' the printers would have allowed you to search around for
whatever butt rolls you'd like .. with the liability problems now, I doubt
you'll find the same access.  But, the printers are a nice bunch and are
usually very accomodating .. especially if there's an educational purpose
for your request!

Good luck!

Ron Yost from Paso Robles, California U.S.A.

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