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LIBROS '97: "Innovative Structure -- Book as Art Workshops." March 15 and 16, 1997


                    Updated and Revised 11/22/96

FROM:     Edith Lambert, 505-984-2783        e-mail: elbuyart@xxxxxxx
RE:       LIBROS '97: "Innovative Structure -- Book as Art Workshops."
          March 15 and 16, 1997

Recursos de Santa Fe is pleased to announce "Libros '97," its second annual
book art event in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  This year, Recursos will deliver a
series of two-day intensive workshops led by artists who are recognized
nationally for their creative contributions to this genre.  The workshops
are designed for both the professional artist and others whose serious
intention is to explore and expand artistic assumptions about the book
format.  Each workshop selection will provide the tools to conceive and
produce the quintessential artist's book.

The workshops, listed below, will be held Saturday, March 15, through
Sunday, March 16, 1997.
Participants will choose one of the two-day workshops.  Pre-registration is
required.  The registration deadline is February 1, 1997.  The workshop fee
for each participant is $195.00; a fee for materials may apply in some
cases.  Registration material, course descriptions, lodging information, and
other details may be obtained from:
     Registrar/Recursos de Santa Fe
     826 Camino de Monte Rey
     Santa Fe, NM  87505
     505-982-0807   Fax, 505-989-8608

The workshops and faculty are:
     Daniel Kelm, Massachusetts, The Book Restructured: Wire Edge Bindings
     Bonnie Stahlecker, Indiana, (Pop-Up Books) Dimensional Books:  Lessons
in Moveable Magic
     Susan King, California, Writing For Artist's Books
     Mary Ann Sampson, Alabama, The Hanging Book
     Sas Colby and Christine Hemp, New Mexico, Metaphor and Meaning in
Artists' Books
     Susan Hensel, Michigan, Dream Journal
     Susan kae Grant, Texas, The Photographic Book Reconsidered
     Douglas Beube, New York, Radical Bookworks:  From Meaning to Structure
     David Schlater, Idaho, The Virtual Book -- Internet as Binding
     Gary and Cecilia Frost, Texas, Millennial Bookbinding

A museum exhibition of one-of-a-kind artists' books will open Friday
evening, March 14th, with a reception for the workshop faculty, the workshop
participants, and the general public. In addition, galleries in the art
communities of Santa Fe and Taos have been invited to install related


A copy of the Broshure can be found in HTML format at the Book Arts Web,
<http://www.dreamscape.com/pdverhey> in the Book Arts Links section. If
you're interested in attending, print out the registration form and mail it in.


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