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Re: sources for/experiences with scroll paper

On Fri, 10 Jan 1997, robert drake wrote:

> micheal
> sorry if you felt i was "fishing", or otherwise wasting bandwidth
> with my query...  th fact is, my post contained all the information
> i had at the time.  i recently received a poetry manuscript (from
> a fellow Buffaloian, as it happens), and it struck from the form of
> the work that a scroll publication might be an appropriate vehicle.
> obviously, such a project has a variety ov technical problems to take
> into consideration... paper availablity was the one i chose to focus
> on first.  the information i've received so far (& thanx to all!) has
> been useful to me, as each piece of info & subsequent choices helps
> narrow & define my subsquent design & production options.  that
> progressive interaction between the requirements of the "content" and
> the technical limitations of the "form" (and i'm not at all suggesting
> that those two aspects are seperable) is, for me, one of the most
> challenging and rewarding aspects of book design & production.  i
> admitedly did invite more generalized discussion of techniques folks
> have used in producing scrolls--feeling that, at this stage, i might
> not know which questions to ask, and trusting that someone on th list
> might have experience that i could benefit from.
> when request are too overly-broad or novice, it is generally the case
> that resource exist (FAQs, websites, books) which would be helpful--
> if that is the case here, i'll look forward to any references or URLs
> that will help point me in the right direction.  in the mean-while,
> perhaps folks who have additional information for me will be kind
> enough to back-channel me personally, so as not to burden the list.
> gratefully
> luigi-bob drake
> burning press
Dear Luigi-Bob Drake

I hope I wasn't offensive but at 7:00am I have great difficulty deciding
what kind of answers people need.  When your project is open ended, of
course you question will be as well, and that's OK.  Band width ain't my
problem so I don't ever worry about what people ask.  Because I became a
librarian after 25 years as a printmaker I worry about how people ask
questions.  The biggest problem I have with online interaction is
it is sometines very difficult to determine the level of understanding a
person has on a topic because there is so little to go on.  I try to give
advise at a high level, based on materials I have actually used in my work.
Having run a professional printmaking studio, making editions of many
artist's work, my experience covers a lot of ground.  I have used a much
wider range of materials than most.  I enjoy sharing my experience, but I
don't wish to bore or confuse people.  Please feel free to fish whenever
you want...sometimes it brings up great stuff and sometimes just an old

Now for your scroll!

I had a client for ten years that in addition to prints that we made
together and because she couldn't find anyone else, I was asked to mount
a couple dozen large drawings to fabric.  Paper scrolls will take on the
softer and more pliable character of cloth if you mount your paper to a
fabric backing.  The scroll will roll up and roll out more easily and
remaind more flat with out restraints!

If this sounds applicable to your project let me know and I will give you
the directions.  I did drawings that were up to 60 by 100 inches and I
know length isn't a problem.

Thanks for the note

     M I C H A E L   M O R I N                M.F.A., M.L.S.

Director Celtic Press               Instructional Media Librarian
  Buffalo  New York                  D'Youville College Library
         Co-Moderator Buffalo Free-Net Preservation SIG
    Member Buffalo Free-Net Information Development Committee

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