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Re: sources for roll paper

On Fri, 10 Jan 1997, Mr. Musik wrote:

> Hi all,
> In your search for roll paper from commercial printers, it may help if you
> know a bit of the lexicon of roll paper .. so, from a former business-forms
> printer .. here goes:
> BUTT ROLLS = The small rolls of paper left at the end of a run.  All
> CORE = The thick-walled paper tube on which roll-paper is wound.  It's a
> PLUGS = Removeable shipping 'plug' inserted into each end of the core to
> Ron Yost from Paso Robles, California U.S.A.

Great list!  Add: DUNAGE = That's what the web paper rewinder/sliters
call the butt rolls when they suff them back into the newsprint trucks
returning to Canada.  Newspaper used to be free as you say but now all of
Mrs. Dun's children return home to be repulped. Border town printers
never give them up without a fight.  Their worth money now.

Thanks for the post...you win the Oxford English Dictionary!


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