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(Fwd) Our Spanish books

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Ton Cremers

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From:          "Melibea - Revista de Cultura Hispana" <melibea@xxxxxxxxxxx=
To:            <cremers@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject:       Our Spanish books
Date:          Fri, 10 Jan 1997 21:32:40 +0100

We are the "Centro de Estudios Postuniversitarios" in Barcelona, Spain.

We have many books - published in Spain or unpublished - on History of Art
and Culture, Human Sciences and also fiction, probabily interesting also
for the other countries public.

We search good publishers-houses for the translation into English and
contract his publication. Do you can help us?

Melibea - Revista de Cultura Hispana
Correo electr=F3nico: melibea@xxxxxxxxxxx

Website: Information Books on the WWW:
(website offering hundreds of links to bookrelated sites)
(Bookhistory Timetable)
webauthor of:
http://www.xs4all.nl/~securma (mirrosite in USA: http://museum-security.or=
(The Museum Security Network)
Ton Cremers and Marian Beereboom
Rechter Rottekade 171
3032 XD Rotterdam
The Netherlands
phone: +31 10 4653837
fax:   +31 10 4653837

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