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Re: Cleaning prints on Japanese Paper

>Hello all,
>I am inquiring for a friend who is trying to find a satisfactory technique for
>oxidation stains from a turn of the century Japanese silk screened print.
>Upon attempting to locally remove the stains with water and heat the japanese
>paper turned transparent while the stains remained unchanged.  It appears that
>the blue and green inks
>are not water soluable but that the red ink is, thus prohibiting total
>Anybody have any suggestions?
>Many thanks,
Pamela, you have a problem.Early Japanese prints (ukiyoe) were printed with
vegetable dyes or later added Prussian blue .In mid 19th C. anilin dyes
came into common use (ugh) and are usually water stable with the exception
of the anilin red.This bleeds seriously when moist.I know of no way to
stabilize this stuff except to keep it dry.
Good luck.

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