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Re: sources for/experiences with scroll paper

>Now that you have tantalized us, please give the whole list the process,
>you never know when we might be able to use it ourselves.
>Cheryl Slyter
>Franklin, MI

well, the scroll idea is still in th brainstorming phase--it'd probably to
be a combination of collage & solvent-transfer prints, & praps some
rubberstamp or relief prints that i could do w/out a press...  & thanks
once again to all for the input, it's been invaluable

but th original idea i'd proposed to th poet was, a collaboration in
which he supplied the text and i wd add a visual "scoring" via
computer-manipulated typography...  which would then be printed
direct to stencils on a dot-matrix printer, and mimeographed.  the
poet's work has strong affinities to the beat movement and the
1960's underground which used the mimeograph extensively; it's also
in some senses "messy", as is th mimeograph...  also expansive, and
so i liked th economy.  and, i rather like the effect/idea of combining
'90s computer technology w/ its older, diy counterpart.     when the
poem arrived, tho (10 page epic w/ wonderful visual alliteration),
the scroll idea seemed really appropriate...

so that's where the "process" is at, right now--very much still in
process.  i'll keep y'all posted.  and, at the risk of being vague,
i'd welcome hearing anybody else's narratives about their process
in the early stages of conceptualizing a book project--how the conflux
of available techniques and raw materials at hand (including "content")
conjoin and are wrestle/coaxed into unity...

luigi-bob drake

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