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It may not be very important to you, but we think it a *result*
worthwhile to give a little attention. Since May 1, 1996 our website received 10.000
visitors. We are very much aware that many websites receive a lot
more visitors, but still....
This is a good time to think back and remember the help we received
from Peter Verheyen and Piet Wesselman when we made our first steps
in the HTML maze. Bookbinder Cor Knops always remained very
sympathetic. The Book Information Website kept on growing and will
keep on growing. The time and energy we put in the Book history
Timetable was very worthwhile thanks to many friendly reactions and
suggestions we received. We would like to propose a toast to all of
you, but have to lift and empty our glasses just the two of us in a cold
and wet Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

If you want to know where our visitors come from we invite you to
click the NEDSTAT image at the top of our indexpage and view the
statistics provided.

Regards to all of you *book people*

Marian and Ton

Information Books on the WWW:
Book history timetabel:
Website devoted to cultural property protection:
(mirrosite in USA: http://museum-security.org)
useful information for libraries, museums, archives..

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